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Date: 2015-08-19
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The scheme of TI ARM core board and main board to separate design, easy according to user needs to do secondary development, all adopt the industrial-grade components, stable running, strong weatherability.

Core board:
Mixer with TI AM335X series processors, up to 720 MHZ high speed ARM architecture (A8 core;
Pieces of 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM made it possible to more code program is running;
Pieces of 128 MB NandFlash 2 MB DataFlash;
Mixer 1 road 10 m / 100 m / 1000 m Ethernet;
Core board single 5 v power supply, using TI's own management chip MPU, core board all the voltage output;
Floor with independent RTC, walking;
Ultra-low power consumption, veneer power less than 2 w;
LCD display performance: maximum resolution 2048 x2048, support VGA output at the same time, with 3 d graphics accelerator;
Perfect support Linux 3.2 \ Android 4 pieces of embedded operating system.
Core board for the smallest system, connected to the power supply can run independently, all of the peripherals resources are available through the output socket.

Expansion board:
Mixer RS232 x 2;
Mixer RS485 x 3;
Mixer 100 m Ethernet port x 1;
Pieces of USB x 3;
Mixer CAN x 2;
Mixer SD card;
Mixer VGA x 1;
In pieces the LCD and touch screen;
Pieces of audio output;
Pieces of eight photoelectric isolation input;
Pieces of eight relay output;
Pieces of eight 12 bit AD acquisition channel;
Pieces of four PWM output;
Pieces of 2 12 bit ADC;
Mainly used for industrial field control, communication control, logic control, signal acquisition, human-computer interaction, data acquisition, processing, upload, output, etc.

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